Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Dish Soap at Fred's!

Dawn Hand Renewal is on sale for 1.25*, load up the .50/1 e-coupon on the Fred's site, use the 1.00/1 coupon that we all should have from the HomeMadeSimple booklet, and you have .25 overage and some nice dishsoap!

*I know at least through 10/16, perhaps longer!?


Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

I love you, Beffy ;). Just sayin'!

Also, Kraft singles (I noticed this yesterday) are on sale for 2.50 this week. If you got the Kraft snail mailer this last week (call and get on the Kraft mailing list if you are not on it already) there was a 2.00/1 Kraft singles coupon in there. So you can get Kraft Singles for .50. Just wanted to share. This might be a month long deal, but I can't be certain because I was in a hurry and forgot to check the date on the tag.

BEFFY! said...

i didn't know about the kraft mailers! i'll have to look for a phone number for them to call about that!
i'm going to carrs today to figure out a few more deals...will post later! :)