Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toothbrush at Carrs

This isn't free, or even close, but it IS a good deal!Carr's has the Oral B Vitality rechargebale electric toothbrush reduced to 20.99. Use the 3.00 e-coupon from P&G e-Saver and the 10.00/1 Oral B coupon from the last P&G insert, and you have a pretty rockin' toothbrush for 7.99!
I think I'll save mine as a stocking stuffer for somebody.

Offer is good until 10/31 unless Carr's sells out or takes it off reduced markdown!

*This is also a P&G item for the rebate I mentioned a couple posts ago.


Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Which Carrs is this at just in case Palmer Carrs doesn't have this on reduced? I'd love to score one of these cheap :).

BEFFY! said...

carrs in eagle river...i was in s.anc yesterday and the carrs on jewel lake/dimond had a double headed one for 20.99...much cooler in my opinion!

Life in My Land said...

Thanks again, I picked up the last one in E/R the other day. My daughter is going to love this. Her brother got one for Christmas last year and she's been wanting her own. I love that I can wrap up a toothbrush and have a good Christmas present at an awesome price. I never would have found this match up on my own so THANK YOU again!