Friday, December 28, 2012

Favorite New Apps!

This past year I finally caved and got an iPhone.  My husband kept telling me I needed one and I kept saying I didn't have time to figure out how to use it.  When I found out about mobile coupons from Target, I told him "I NEED one!"

So here I am with a smartphone (that I still don't have time to learn how to use) that has all of four apps on it.  One is Stack the States that my four year old is addicted to, but hey, she's learned the names, capitols, locations, flags, and random facts about all 50 states.  The other three are these:

Shopkick was my first app.  You earn "kicks" by walking into certain stores, more for spending money there, more for scanning certain items, and some by browsing their ads.  You can then redeem points for $2 Target cards, $5 Starbucks cards and things like that.
I've had the app for about 3 months and have made $25 in Starbucks cards.  I don't go to Anchorage much, but have the app open when I do go to Target or Best Buy and have managed to get this many, so it's worth it to me!

Ibotta is a cool looking app that is sort of like an online grocery store.  You pick which items you want to "buy" and load up the savings.  You can scan the item at the store to make sure you buy the right thing and you can also use a paper coupon on the item.  After your purchase you simply use the app to download a photo of your receipt and get the savings put into your account.   You can cash out through PayPal or as a check in the mail when you reach $5 in savings.  Just today at Fred's I earned $6 from all the Kellogg's cereal deals!
Pays you back a percentage of things you buy each week.  My favorites are 50% back on diapers, 100% back on coffee, or even 10% back on gas!  Paypal is their form of payment.

All of the above have my referral link, so I can earn while you earn!  Some give you bonus points for using a referral.

Happy shopping!

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