Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Sad Carr's Trip

I thought maybe, just maybe it wouldn't really happen. Not here. Not so soon.
But it did.
No more stacking e-coupons and paper coupons. If you try to use a paper coupon along with an e-coupon that already came off, the register beeps. If the cashier pushes it through, the e-coupon amount gets added back on. And if you have multiple of the same e-coupons only one works per item.
Just letting you all know, which you probably already do anyway.
In a way this will make my life much less complicated and my shopping trip plans much less stressful!
Thankfully, they will still stack Carr's coupons with manufacturer coupons and still take coupons on markdown items...speaking of which there are a lot of laundry and skin care markdown at the Eagle River store near the front. Take your P&G insert along!


Life in My Land said...

Yeah, I've had that happen too. It happened yesterday with a Safeway coupon too. The coupon said it was good to $4.99. The item I bought was $4.49. the machine took off $3.49 and when the cashier tried to over ride it it would just keep repeating the $3.49. The cashier thought she had over credited me and wouldn't take any more off. It was a real mess and no way to tell on the register. Bummer but I know what you mean about making shopping trips easier.

Jill W. said...

I have really not gotten the hang of ecoupons because I don't keep a list of what I load. I don't save much using them and I'm tempted to just no use them at all. Thanks for the info!