Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in the swing..or saddle...or binder!

I really need to be a better blogger. A better coupon blogger anyway!

Holiday gas stations are my new favorite stop. I've never really gone there before except to use their occasional free coffee or soda coupons that they put on their site, and last week when I popped in to use one of them I noticed a bunch of tearpad coupons all over the store! Most of them were hanging on the refrigerated doors by the soda. My favorite is the Stouffer's 1.00/1 because these are on sale at Target this week for 2.00 and wyb5 you get a free insulated shopping fun is that?!

Off to work the Safeway ad for a bit-I'll keep you posted (promise).

ps...all of these coupons were picked up today in E.R. just FYI!

1 comment:

Jill W. said...

Great find on the tear pads- I have never been inside of the Holiday- I always pay at the pump and go but I will be going inside today :-)! THANKS