Friday, October 1, 2010

A couple deals at Freds...

Tampax Pearl 20ct are on sale for 3.99...use the 2.00/1 coupon from the P&G and the Fred Meyer e-coupon for 2.00/1 so they are free! I did this just today and it worked great-but I gave my coupons first, then did my rewards card at the end.

Also their Totino's Pizzas are on sale for 1.00 each, buy 5 and use the e-coupon from Fred's site and the 1.00 printable and they are .60 each. Not too bad of a deal!

If you swung by Holiday and found the Red Baron .55 coupons, get those for about 3.00 each!

Sorry I'm posting these deals late, I just figured them out and they are only good until tomorrow!


Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

With the E-Coupons and Printed Coupon stacking, it doesn't seem to matter if you do one or the other first. E-Coupons have a different UPC on them completely because it is a one time use on them :). I did the Tampax Pearl deal today and did my Rewards Card first and it worked fine.

Thanks so much for pointing out the E-coupons for the Cambells soup and the Tampax =).

I was so happy when I saw the soup on sale at Fred Meyers...I was able to get 12 cans of soup for .25 a can after coupons, which will last even me quite a while AND was able to get it applied toward my Rewards Rebate (which is always a bonus to me).

And heck, who can beat free feminine care products?

I'm so glad you are blogging about these deals. I'm so BAD about being able to figure out digital coupon/printed coupon match-ups because E-Coupons are still sort of a new thing to me, so I'm so happy that you are sharing the deals you find =).

BEFFY! said...

great! i'm glad to know there isn't a specific order of handling...some cashiers won't start until you input your number.

i mainly get my great deals from combining e-coupons, paper coupons, store coupons, i'll be happy to post on those sorts of things!

fred's is doubling points this next week, so break out the FREE coupons! (and check the basket, i've found 3 different free item coupons in the last two trips.)

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Our coupon exchange has died a horrible death the last five months or so. I've seen a lot of ederly ladies hitting it hard, so I'm not complaining too much since they need to save money as much as I do, but it's still sad.

I saw that it is double points week at Fred Meyer. Now is a good time to hit the clothes clearance racks too with the new Savings Certificate in this week's paper for 10.00 off 50.00 purchase and all and the savings certificate can be combined with a bonus coupon too. Almost wish my kids needed clothes *laugh*.