Thursday, July 1, 2010

Slow Down Summer!

EEKS! It's July already! How did that happen?! If only it would warm and dry up, maybe it would really feel like summer.

My shopping trips have been very few and far between. With our non-stop sets of visitors through the end of August I'm not sure just how much I'll be getting done either. That's okay though. I was starting to get a little overwhelmed keeping up with all the deals and am taking this bit of time to realize that it's okay to miss some. My pantry is still very well stocked and it will appreciate getting cleaned out a bit.

I've gotten the normal samples that pretty much anyone around has gotten, Crackerfuls, Chex Mix, Olay Body Wash, and such. A rebate that was for 2.75 from the Advil that was a moneymaker at Wags a few weeks back and then I found a rebate form for it at Fred's, so I can add that to my $10 challenge money bringing my total up to 12.32.

Here's hoping to make a jot down to Carr's a bit later and maybe Fred's if the little girlies can handle it...I can bribe them with the free cookies from the bakery. Hehe!

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Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Free cookies from the bakery are the bomb aren't they? I always bribe my kids with them. I think the people at the bakery see me coming anymore because they just start heading toward the free cookie container *laugh*. I'd feel guilty if I didn't spend like 99% of my money at Fred Meyer ;).