Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free stuff lately...

Regretfully, I have no photos to show of the freebies I've gotten lately. We have a few different sets of company with us right now so our house is full of kiddos and a little hectic. I love it!

I've gotten a lot of free "girly" samples in the mail, an earth-friendly trash bag sample, my P & G sampler with all sorts of cool samples, a couple of rebate checks, a granola bar, and a few magazines. I love signing up for samples and forgetting that I did and seeing what comes in the mail everyday. Our funny mailman asked me again today just exactly how I manage to get so much stuff...haha!

We've made a few quick runs to Fred's and Carr's and picked up some free Dryer's cups with coupons I had accumulating from the coupon exchange basket. Finally used a few more of my Kraft First Taste coupons too. At Carr's I tried using one of the 1.50 Fred Catalina coupons for the Starbucks instant 3-pack of coffee along with the 1.00 e-coupon and it totally worked making it .45! The cashier had to call the MOD over to see if he could accept a Fred's coupon and she said it was fine. Yay, Carr's is getting it!

I made a cake for today and it is going to be a swap with a photographer friend who will in exchange for the cake do a family photo for us! Too cool! I highly recommend her if you are looking for an excellent photographer. Her business is called Smile A Little Photography. And just contact me if you need a cake...hehe!

Off to bed with me...another full day awaits!

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Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Your cakes are very cool :). I've always loved the idea of edible's so much easier to create and not have to find room for all kinds of paintings and other things (which is a problem I DEFINITELY have). I love your guys' creativity. Awesome stuff :).

Don't worry about lack of pics on the freebies either. I totally understand.

So, the E-Coupon and the Catalina worked huh? Hmmmm...I have some of those 1.50/1 coupons in my folder...