Friday, June 18, 2010

$10 Challenge...

I bought three sodas with my Coke rewards today. Only one made it to the picture. At Fred's I got two free boxes of flautas from Reser's (write them if you need coupons! See my older post), and I also used my Kraft First Taste coupons for the fizzy Kool-Aid, but had to pay .01 each on those. As we were walking out the door I noticed someone had left a bunch of change on the ad desk next to a stack of coupons so I took that as being abandoned and made .18!
Total spent: .02
Total earned: .18
Total remaining: $10.17

Bring on Target finds!
Target has B2 OJ's get FREE eggs...I just happened to still have four of the free OJ coupons from Tropicana left (it was a sign-up on their rewards site and I maxed out the 4 per household limit). They didn't have any of the Grade A Large eggs, but they substituted the Grade AA for me. I don't know much about eggs, but was glad to get them free.
I did have to pay for the tissues. But not much. They were on clearance for 1.60 and the cashier checked with the manager to see if I could use my $1.50 Vicks coupons on them and she said, "sure" which was great for me. I bought 5 more! Used the P&G rebate in the form of a coupon booklet that had the coupons in it.
Total spent: .60
Total remaining: 9.57

Kinda crazy, eh?

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