Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A few Freebie Trips...

We've been shopping a lot this week! It's something to do while it's raining and cold out, right?
Here's a little recap of the past few days and how far my $10.01 has had $1.00/2 Taco Bell coupons and Walmart had the seasoning for .68 each, so I did pay .72 for all these....not too bad though!
I used a bunch of my free coupons from Kraft facebook box so that I could submit for the $10 rebate that came with the box. (None of this is available anymore.) So off to Carr's I went because I wanted to get the candy bar deal of B2G2 and combine it with the last two free coupons from facebook. The bacon was free from Vocalpoint.

The three above photos were Fred's trips today (yes, TRIP(S)!)and I think the only things missing from the photos are another quart of milk, 2 pampers tubs of wipes and the bag of Goldfish. It's really tough to keep all of a shopping trip or two together for photos!
Anyway, my totals for both trips were .51 and 4.77, but I got back 6.00 OYNO in catalinas, so I do believe I count that as a profit of .72! Oh, but then the taco seasoning was exactly that, so I'm back to my $10.01. How nifty!
Here's how I spent so little at Fred's...
First of all, I had a $25 credit on my card for transferring a prescription a couple weeks ago. The cashier pushed their "ok" button or whatever before I could get my coupons handed over, so it took the $25 off before coupons. ARGH! I had tons of coupons to use and couldn't because my total would have fallen below zero. I just saved the better coupons to use a different time, but I sure would have liked to spend the credit on things I buy without coupons (produce, meats, ect.).
Here are the following coupons-
3-1.50 Oral B Catalina coupons (Oral B has a deal now too that if you spend $9 you get $3 OYNO back, which is how I ended up with two of those today)
2-.60/2 Skippy coupons
7-1.00/1 Muir Glen coupons (we have 4 computers...two of which are dinosaurs but still print coupons!)
8-1.00/1 Skinny Cow product (no beeps! these are 1.00 each until the 19th, so FREE!)
.75 Graham Cracker Goldfish on
4-1.25 Honey Bunches of Oats Fred's catalinas from the basket-I'll take .75 cereal!
2-2.00 Pampers wipes from the Newspaper inserts
and I didn't get to use my B1G1 and .75 off the lactose free milk because my total was at .51!

The second transaction was this-
3-1.50 Fred's catalina coupons for the Oral B brushes paired with a
B2G1 catalina for an Oral B toothbrush, plus I also got back the 3.00 OYNO, so I think I made .63 buying four of the 2.29 ones!
1.00 and a .75 for the Dannonino yogurt (internet printables from somewhere!?)
1.00 Coffeemate coupon from the Safeway booklet, it was marked down to 1.39! yay!
2.00/2 Organic Valley coupon from a tearpad (no longer there) sent to me by LifeInMyLand-thank you! I LOVE those coupons and had wished I'd grabbed more than one!

That's my catch up for now...I've gotten some good coupons in the mail lately too from Kraft First Taste and Coke Rewards.Off to bed with me now though...we have lots of company this week so I'm a busy gal, but it's a fun busy!

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