Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 24

Fred's again. Yes, I go there practically everyday. I'm not a very good menu planner and I love to shop. My sister loves it more than I do, and my daughter loves to get out of the house. So we end up there a lot.
I used a couple more of my free item coupons (I think my sister and mom are of the opinion that if you have them you should use them) I sort of prefer to save them until the item is on sale B1G1 or at least less than the max value so I don't have to pay anything for it. But we decided sparkling mineral water mixed with a Sobe might be kinda good! I ended up having to pay .30 for the water because the free coupon max value was for 1.99 and of course it cost 2.29. The Sobe's were free though. All coupons were from the Fred's coupon basket exchange from earlier this month.

I forgot to mention that yesterday my mom and sister took my niece and nephew to the Eagle River Nature Center for a free Bear and Moose Safety Class for kids. Parking there is 5.00, but the class was free. They all had a fun time and now feel a bit more comfortable about being outdoors here. I didn't go because the kiddo was in the middle of her nap and she needed it! My husband just got home from his trip and he needed a nap too. So I got to do laundry. Fun, fun!

Have a wonderful Monday holiday!!!

OOPS! I totally forgot about the coupons I found today in the basket-silly me! Thanks AlaskanBargainHunter for reminding me with your post! I found a .75 OYNO (huge, I know..haha!) and 10 Pampers points. Nothing free, but we can't find them everyday. :)

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Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Well, huh, that's weird with the Perrier. Like two out of three types were 2.29 at my Fred's but one was on "everyday low price" doohickey for 1.99, so I grabbed that one. Maybe it was a month long thingie last month...or they changed their system again. I noticed that Bumblebee tuna is no longer .69 a can, but Chicken of the Sea tuna now is. Weird how the store's work isn't it?