Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 20

Wow...20 days already? That's crazy! The challenge is a third of the way over and I think in a small way I'll miss it because it has been fun to go back over my posts to see just what you can find to do, sign up for, and just plain FIND for free! Today in the mail I got a super nice reuseable bag from Earthbound Farms along with some coupons. Now I can recycle one of my falling apart shopping bags.
Also in the mail was yet ANOTHER sample of pantene from Vocalpoint. (not a member, definately check it out!) It's the third sample of it I've gotten, from three different places (vocalpoint, p&g, and walmart i think?) After that is the Uncle Ben's free rice coupon.
I don't always post the picture of the FREE item I buy with the coupon, because I usually hang onto those until I need the product. Most FREE item coupons have long expiration dates, and a lot of times I can pair it up with a B1G1 sale and end up with two. That and I like to give them out to folks who I know could use a little pick-me-up now and then, or include them in a note to a friend, since they all know I'm a couponer.
How about you? Do you use yours right away or hang onto it until the day it expires?

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Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Heh...I tend to use my freebie coupons almost right away. Mainly because I'm always terrified of my kids getting ahold of my coupons, thus losing a free product or that I'll forget the expiration date and lose it or...well you get the idea.

Now, if my other Kraft box comes in and I get the right one I ordered this time I will hang onto the the Free Oscar Meyer Hotdogs coupon until Carrs has their B1G1 sales...two things of hotdogs for free really can't be beat =).