Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 19

The mail was my friend today. I could hardly drive up the hill from the mailboxes, I was so excited! The Kraft box finally came! Although, it was NOT the one I registered for...but who cares?! Coupons for free hot dogs and free bbq sauce as well as three sample bags of sundried tomato wheat thins (which we snarfed!) and three bags of instant coffee stuff that I later gave to mom since it was caramel, eww, but she loved it.
In the mail too was the facebook sample of Pantene, and my free Land'O Lakes butter coupon that didn't make it into the picture.
Pampers points at Fred's...nothing amazingly free other than the HonesTea stuff, but you had to buy it to get the catalina making it free so I don't think that counts for this challenge. :)

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