Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 21

Another no-picture post. The reason is simple, company arrives in less than two hours and my house still needs to be tidied up! It's only my sister and family, but still...
My husband has been gone to work for a week and I really notice just how much he does around the house when he isn't here to do it.

This month's issue of Parents magazine (which I somehow subscribe to for free) had a couple good coupons, a 20% off Merona item at Target and a 1.00 off Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta that is currently on sale at Fred's for 1.67. But within those pages of smiling babies and stories of worn out new mothers, I found a quote that I cut out and have been carrying around all week.

"Every possession you have, from the tiniest button to the biggest piece of furniture, takes with it a piece of your time."

Just a free little thought to think about. :)

The mail today held one freebie...a coupon for goat cheese. I signed up for this to pass onto my friend who's son has cow milk allergies, so onward it goes.

Fred's was kind enough to offer up a coupon for a free package of Breathe Right nose strips to someone who was equally kind enough to leave it on the checkout stand just for me. My bro-in-law will be happy, but not as happy as my sister that I found this one!

Happy Memorial Weekend to all of my fellow bargainers, the grandest thank you to our Armed Forces both past and present, and prayers that God will truly bless our USA.

Good Night!

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