Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 18

As you can see in the pictures, the mail held a few freebies. The cheerios coupons were from pampers gift to grow points and they were on sale for 200 points each last week (thanks for the extra points, my blogging friend!)
Now the hair color kits were too funny of a freebie. I was putzing around wal-mart basically killing time and found a back end cap with clearance items and these were each 2.00. I had a couple 2.00 off coupons for those exact brands. I'm normally a blonde so I'll use these when the red washes out. :)
Mom and I split a cafe sandwich from Carr's for dinner after she got off work. We can split a free one next week with the coupon you get for buying one this week. I picked up a few sale items while we were there. Nothing free, but I noticed a free SoBe drink coupon hanging on the catalina machine when I got the the checkout. Thanks to whomever left it just for me. I seriously think I might need to start liking these better or something.
Now for the fun activity we did today...
We are not fans of McDonald's. We said we'd teach our daughter that it's grodie, and hope she believes us. But today, I took her there. It was her first visit to the playplace and she had a blast. It could have been a free activity if I didn't break down and BUY some fries and a chocolate shake!

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Life in My Land said...

Awesome score on the Cheerios! I wish I'd paid attention to that one, I had enough points too. Great job once again.