Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 13

We printed out our coupons from and my husband and I each tried the new Limeaides for FREE...they were ok. Definately nothing compared to Sonic! Mail was sort of fun today, I received my P&G Sampler box that had samples of Cascade, Metamucil, Pantene, and some coupons. Also Kraft/facebook sent out the coupon for a free box of Mac & Cheese Explosion. A couple of Pull-Ups from Costco (I don't think I'll ever have to buy these when the time comes because I get so many samples!)

And here is a wedding gift I made for free, thanks to the couple inviting us! It's made from their wedding invitation and some ribbon that I already had. Of course, we will send them something else, this is just the free thing. Btw, it's a Christmas ornament.
I'm hoping to jot down to Fred's a bit later, so hopefully I'll have more to post tonight!

a little later in the day...

We did a quick trip down to Fred's and the above items were $36.24, but I would never pay that! If you take out those 4 zucchini's it would have been -.13, but since I wasn't sure where I was at with prices, I added them and ended up paying 3.63 for everything pictured. This was after sales, lots of free coupons, and that nice 10.00 off coupon that I found in the coupon exchange a few days ago (yes, it was burning a hole in my coupon binder).

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