Monday, May 13, 2013

Farewell Alaska

Here's a last little farewell to the grandest state I've ever been proud to call home.  The past eight years have taught us more than I ever knew I could learn.  Now that we are moving "out" it feels like that time was but a blink of an eye. 
My children are both "Alaska Grown" and I feel like I've become a stronger wife and mother for all the lessons of life we've learned here.  Living outdoors for long periods of time (camping!), adjusting to light/darkness and the seasons, learning to be conscious of animals you can't trust, and making some of the most real friends you are happy to call your Alaska family.  I'm going to miss all that!
We're moving to a suburb of Seattle in a few days and I'll hopefully get back to blogging a little bit more when we get settled.  I've got a couple of reviews for new products I'm excited to share with you and hopefully a couple of fun giveaways too!
Thanks for reading and best wishes for a warm, dry summer!
Farewell Alaska!

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