Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Days 6, 7, and 8!

As you know I'm following Money Saving Mom's list to a more clean, simplified, organized house.  So far my sweet man of a husband has been home to get a lot of this done or I would be way far behind.  He leaves on a trip soon so hopefully the next few days are easy ones!

Day 6
1.)  Got dressed, got breakfast, got coffee, made no such list, and just lived the day!
2.)  Constantly picking up and putting away items around the house.  This is a never ending job.
3.)  That sweet man I mentioned earlier cleaned out my mom mobile and vacuumed it with his new shop vac.  I now have a big bag of junk to sort through. 

Day 7
1.)  In my jammies, but had coffee, made breakfast, went to ballet (for my daughter-not me!), and organized my coupon book finally!  Made no list.
2.)  I vacuumed a couple days ago so I'm just cleaning out the fridge and getting all the garbage around so sweet man can go to the dump tomorrow.

Day 8
1.)  Jammies.  Coffee.  Healed wounds, owwies, and other ailments of my children.  Finally got a shower about 10am.  Cleaned up kitchen floor, cleaned out kitchen fridge and pantry, made two bags of groceries to take to food bank.  Sweet man and kiddo off to drop that off and go to the dump! 
2.)  Cleaned out my bra drawer (sorry, no pics! haha!) donated all of my nursing bras/pads because baby is DONE!
3.)  Off to wipe down doors/handles/railings! 

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