Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cellfire .50 or 3.00 for your Fred's Card THURSDAY!!!

With the holiday season already upon us, Cellfire has put a little something together to help keep your bellies and your pocketbooks full!

Log in to Cellfire tomorrow, November 17, 2011, between 2AM and 2PM Alaska Standard Time and receive a $.55 or $3 bonus coupon! When you visit Cellfire to claim your free money, don't forget to save on holiday baking favorites with coupons for Pillsbury Crescents, Sweet Rolls, and more.

Remember to have your Fred's card all registered and ready to load!


Life in My Land said...

Okay, I can't figure out cellfire. I've tried for 2 years to use it and today I finally was able to get it to it. Yeah! I had previously added my Fred's card and now have my .55 coupon loaded. Now how do I claim it in the store? Is it automatic like shortcuts or do I have to load the coupon on my phone and hand it to the cashier? Sorry for the silly questions but I hate missing out on the cellfire offers.

BEFFY! said...

Yay-glad you got it to finally work. It comes off automatically when you use the Fred's card that it's linked to.