Saturday, October 8, 2011

MIA...but here's a shopping trip!

Hello Friends!

So sorry to have not posted in quite some time.  I have been very busy with cake orders lately and simply have had no time to do bargain postings.  I'm taking a temporary furlough from cakes from Nov-Feb so I can get used to being a mom of two!  Thanks to the other blogger gals for keeping up with posting bargains and deals though and I hope to join you again when my schedule clears up a bit.

My daughter and I delivered a cake to Anchorage today and stopped by Target to use some of the Target coupons we got in the mail combined with manufacturer coupons and here is what found-
Total after coupons was $14.80 and I also got a $5 gift card back.  Pretty happy with that and even got a few little stocking stuffers (clippies and notepad).

Happy shopping and I'll be around eventually!

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Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Oh wow! I'm so, so excited to see the Ziploc bento-box looking containers :). I bought some YEARS ago and then our Fred Meyer stopped carrying them and I've been limping the ones I have along. I'll have to check and see if Target in the Valley carries them too!