Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheap Tide on Amazon!

We all have a little bit of Amazon credit from Swagbucks right?  Right now you can get a 50oz bottle of Tide for $3.99 shipped!  Check it out HERE and then "clip" the coupon under the price and it will make your order $3.99 when you check out.  I didn't have to have $25 in my cart to qualify for the free shipping-even to AK!  Coolness...hopefully they really ship it!

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Life in My Land said...

Wow, that is awesome! How did you know I had $20 in Amazon credit burning a hole in my account? I wish this was the he detergent! I did find some high efficiency for $10.50ish for a 2 pack ($5.25ish) though and for Tide that's a great deal. Laundry soap is one of the items I'm attempting to stock pile for next year.