Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Chocolate 8/8 on Facebook

It looks like there will be lots of signing up for free chocolate (for you and a friend) tomorrow on facebook.  M&M/Mars is hosting a "Random Acts of Chocolate" and here are their status updates-

Twix Facebook page status: “Coming soon: Random Acts of Chocolate! The first 50,000 Mars chocolate fans to sign up will get a free TWIX® and the opportunity to share a TWIX® with a friend!”

3 Musketeers Facebook page status ”Looking to brighten someone’s day? Sign up on our Random Acts of Chocolate tab next week and show how thoughtful you are by sharing a 3 MUSKETEERS with a friend. The first 50,000 Mars chocolate fans are able to participate!”

Snickers Facebook page status: “If you’re a good friend, you’ll jump on this next week: Random Acts of Chocolate! Stay tuned to be one of the first 50,000 fans to receive a free SNICKERS for you and a friend.”

Milky Way Facebook page status: “We love a good, random act. Especially when it involves chocolate and caramel.  The first 50,000 Mars Chocolate fans to sign up through the Random Acts of Chocolate tab (coming soon) will receive a free MILKY WAY and one to share with a friend! Stay tuned!”

M&M’s Facebook page status: “Darlings, I know I’m irresistible, but so is giving back. Stay tuned: Random Acts of Chocolate coming next week for your chance to get free chocolate for you and a friend! ♥ Green”

Thanks to "I Heart Kroger" for the heads up!

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