Friday, February 11, 2011

Take me to the mattresses...

We are home! We have been for a few days, but the time difference got me a little bit so it took a couple days to get back into the groove of deal-searching.

We celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary earlier this month and decided to gift each other a new mattress since ours is about 8 years old and starting to sag! (My pilot [hubby] decided to break the no gift rule and buy me a bottle of Givenchy "Play" perfume it!) Anyway, we went shopping yesterday and found a Sealy Posturepedic at Costco for about 750ish after the coupon in their mailer. Not too bad, we thought. We also checked out the laminate flooring on sale since we'd like to redo our living room/dining room with that.

Today we decided on a whim to head out to the Rural Discount Center in Chugiak to check their prices on laminate flooring because they always have a ton of it. Instead we found them to have the exact same mattress sets as Costco (they get a lot of their stuff from there) and on sale 70% off! They had 3 sets and the final cost was $270 for a king mattress and boxsprings. New in plastic. Amazing! So there are 2 sets left folks! Run if you need one!
Note: there were only king size available.

They have a lot of really fun things and lots of sales. Make sure to check out their clothing (most is 50% off).

Email me if you need directions there or have any questions about the store. No membership is required, and generally they seem to have slightly damaged or discontinued items at approximately a 10% lower price than retail.

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