Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rice-A-Roni for .49?!

Carr's has Rice-A-Roni on sale for .99 this week (well, until 1/8) and if the coupon hasn't run out yet, you can find a b3g1 free coupon here. The three you buy have to be Rice-A-Roni and the free one has to be the Pasta-Roni. My coupons last night scanned up at 2.00 each, so I ended up with 6 boxes of rice and 2 boxes of pasta for a total of 3.92. Not to bad!

By the way, the Carr's ads are freaking me out...I can't keep track of what's on sale when. Hopefully it's just getting back into the swing of the normal Wed-Tue ad after the mess of the holiday special ones! :)

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