Monday, October 25, 2010

Cute Rubber Boots for 4.95 SHIPPED via FedEx!

Or some cute umbrellas! Go here to, sign up and you'll receive a 5.00 credit to your account. Search for the Kidorable shop where you'll find cute boots like I did
Or cute umbrellas
Be sure that your total item(s) are at least 10.00 or more so you can apply the following coupons-

After entering billing and shipping addresses (no CC yet), fill in the coupon code box with the word "STAR". This will deduct 10.00 from your order, but not from shipping which is why you need to be sure your total before shipping is at least 10.00.

Then click the box below that to enter "5.00" and get the credit for signing up. This will deduct from shipping. DO NOT USE PAYPAL, this deal won't work.

Respond if you have any questions, but this seems legit and my total was 4.95 for the one pair of kitty boots! :)