Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 32!!!

The last freebie post for LifeInMyLand's challenge!

I'd like to thank Elisa so much for this motivating challenge. I've been a couponer for a little over two years and it started with finding a website called HotCouponWorld and a forum there entitled FREEBIES. I signed up for a bunch one night when I was bored, majorly pregnant, and putzing around online while avoiding housework. When those samples started arriving along with high value coupons, that was it. I was hooked!

I went through a few different coupon organization processes and have finally settled on the binder (it's a big soft cover one with lots of zippers and lots of baseball card holders that my mom helped me make). It's full to the gills, but I love having them so organized and handy when I come across sales that I can match up with a coupon.

Then along came local coupon bloggers! Thanks to the AlaskanBargainHunter, AlaskasBestGroceryDeals, AlaskaCouponDiva's, and LifeInMyLand, there are now getting to be a few newer blogs that all have their own style, their own sense of deals, and sharing these different traits will benefit all of us in the search to lower our out of pocket expenses and share in the joy of opening a mailbox to a variety of treasures (even if it is only a coupon for free goat cheese)!

Carr's was my winning freebie stop today. Fred's offered up a small bit, but my rewards card still didn't work so I didn't get the credit from the 25.00 prescription transfer so I missed out on including a few more items. All in all, here is my last entry into the challenge!I had FREE coupons in the form of catalinas for the nose strips (found that in the basket just tonight on my way in), the sobes, and the almond silk. Used a free coupon for Saran product for sending them a compliment. Cherrios were free from entering in all these Pampers points I find, which is pretty amazing since we don't use Pampers diapers! The Always were free (+1.00 e-coupon credit) from a free sample that came in the mail along with a coupon for a free box. The crazy Nabisco coupon out (buy 1 gallon of milk and another milk and a package of cookies, get a free package of cookies...or something like that!) was used in conjunction with a coupon for FREE Nabisco cookies I got from a complaint about a stale package of cakesters, and reduced price milk, so all I had to pay for was the gallon, but the overage from all the other coupons mostly covered that! One yogurt was with a coupon for a FREE one, the other was reduced and overage from other coupons paid for it also. Uncle Bens was a facebook coupon I believe, and the candy bars were b2g2 at Carr's and I used my two facebook Butterfinger coupons for those and got the Snickers free!
The coupons that came in the mail today were for a Free Swiffer Dust and Shine (the nozzle was broken on the one I bought) and some for Pantene. And a Dove shampoo sample.
Did I miss anything?! That was a long post/description!

I also cashed in my Swagbucks for another 5.00 amazon credit. Yay!

Well, I'm off to file away my receipts and work on maybe complimenting a few more companies to replenish the "FREE" section of my binder.

I think I'll take a break from posting everyday for a little while. We've got some camping to do and I've got a few cakes to make soon. :)

It's been a fun month!


Life in My Land said...

Wow, what a haul. I've loved reading your blog. I've learned a lot and have stepped up my freebies too. Thank you for sharing. I hope you'll keep posting, even if it's less frequently.

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Jesus, Mary and John, Beffy! I'm in like total and complete AWE here! That was like an entire GROCERY trip for free! Holy cow! Totally awesome job my friend!