Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 28

Here's hoping the next couple days will allow me to "go out with a bang" on the freebie challenge!
Today was BORING to say the least. I purchased my free bottle of Sobe at Fred's, had to chat with customer service over 4 of my items ringing up at a higher price than advertised.
Our garage sale is tomorrow and Saturday so there might not be a whole lot more to post about, but we'll see. We might try running into Target tomorrow night for a few things if we have any energy left.
Hope you all have a better day all around than I've had! It's one I'd like to not have to repeat. :P

EDIT: later that same evening...
Thanks to our construction guys for having Carl's Jr. for lunch today and getting the huge cups with Coke codes on them and then leaving them lay all over for me to scrounge up. The Powerade caps were nice too. I earned 25 points-almost a free Coke!

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