Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 26

The mail was oodles of fun today, I guess mainly because I've been mail deprived for two days. Here we have my free subscription to Sunset, the free Gillette razor, samples of True Lemon, and the sample of the nursing care soother/gel pack things (if I ever have another baby these will be heaven!) along with some coupons that came with the items.
Fred's was kind enough to give me yet another free Sobe drink coupon and I found some Pamper points in the coupon basket. It's barely legible, but I got them to take! I had a bad experience with Kashi pizza (it was so icky) and they sent me a coupon for a free item so I could try out something else. Starbucks gave me a free drink coupon for making my drink incorrectly the first time. My mom gave me her goat cheese coupon which again I will pass on to my friend. And do you like Reser's foods? They make salsa, tortillas, the Baja frozen mexican foods...if you do and have a compliment I highly encourage you to tell them! They love compliments apparently because they sent me four 8.00 off coupons and three .55 off coupons! Wow!

We took the kiddos down to the Homestead school playground today and that wore them out for a little bit. It sprinkled off and on today so it was a little chilly. I had to get my brakes fixed on our airport car, so that was not a freebie of any kind. Ugh, oh well, you've gotta be able to stop! :)


Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Question. Did you use the contact form to contact Resers? I have tried numerous times to use the contact form to comment on their potato salad (the only type my husband will eat store bought is their mustard potato salad :) and I have yet to get the stupid form to take.

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Well, thank goodness! I finally got the form to work (only had to use Firefox to do it...I'm not sure why my version of IE is so glitchy). I've been wanting to give them a compliment, and this just inspired me to do it more *laugh*. Thanks for the head's up Beffy!

Sarah said...

Yay I am glad you wrote Reser's! I was shocked when they sent me all those coupons...only bad part is I couldn't find anything Reser's that was the value of $8 or more and you can only use them on 1 item each so I felt like I was "losing" some free money to spend, but all in all I was able to get a lot of free food, they rock!

Life in My Land said...

Wow, thanks for the info on Reser's. Good job on your freebie's. I was thinking the same thing about the nursing soother. I actually think I might just throw it in the freezer for when one of the kids gets a bump. It's a good shape for a knee or head.
Do you go to the Homestead playground much? We live right near it (in fact I walk to work there every day during the school year). It would be fun to meet sometime and let the kids play while we talk coupons :).

BEFFY! said...

reser's makes these Baja frozen food things, we had chicken taquitos for lunch today (paired with reser's salsa!) and they were pretty good. it's a 40 count box and was on sale at freds for 8.99, so .99 was a good deal!
yesterday was our first visit to homestead's playground. it was fun, we are trying out the different parks around town now that kiddo is getting more steady on her feet and her cousins are here for a long visit too.
it would be fun to meet up and have a coupon swap! maybe erika and sarah would drive in?! :)

Jill W. said...

I am not sure if I am a Reser's fan but I think I am now LOL!! That sounds like a very generous lot of coupons :-) I am having fun reading your post btw- thanks!