Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 4

Today was a run, run, run day. We are working on constructing a detached garage, so the back driveway is a major mess. The power was out for the majority of the day so we ran a ton of errands in Eagle River and Anchorage. The only freebies found today were in the mailbox. Most exciting, my Fred's Rewards! Though their new system gives you the exact amount, it doesn't round up or down. Some samples from Tom's of Maine (I has asked them where to find coupons for the products and they sent samples, cool!), some John Frieda samples, HomeMade Simple coupon book, and a Kohl's discount (20%...I was hoping for 30% but oh well!).
I'm crashing into bed it's been such a long day!

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Life in My Land said...

Thanks for the info on Tom's. I e-mailed them a few questions about their products and they said they'd send some samples too. I try and send compliments to companies as well as questions and it's always nice when they respond with samples. Way to go!