Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 3

Happy Mother's Day!
Today we drove down to Portage, about an hour south of Anchorage, and went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center because it was free admittance day. We took Grama Judy along too!It was a bit crowded, but the line wasn't bad at all and there was plenty of parking. Such a sunny, windy day though! Lovely!
We didn't see any bears, they must have been hiding, but we did see a coyote, porcupine, bison, musk ox, moose, an eagle, elk, reindeer, and owls. Regular admission is 10.00 per adult (max of 30.00 per car) so going on a free day was definately a bargain. We may go again someday when kiddo is a bit older.

The other "free" thing we had today was this-Though it required the purchase of two entrees. I think that might disqualify it for the challenge, but since we were going out for dinner for Mother's Day anyway, I figured we might as well use the free appetizer coupon you get when you sign up for Outback's Rewards program.

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