Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 16

So many freebies today, I can hardly remember them all! We got our birthday cake delivered to South Anchorage and it was a lovely excuse to go to Target there and a different Fred's than normal. I must have found about 4 SoBe free drink coupons at Fred's, along with a 2.00 OYNO which I promptly gave to my friend who was watching my daughter so I could dig in the basket! Later we (my friend, not daughter) each got SoBe's. I'm not a huge fan of them, but free ones I'll take. (and here's a peek of the construction project in the background)
Stopping at Target was a good thing today. I had a couple Tresseme coupons that were expiring today for B1G1 and a 2.00/1 and they were on sale for 3.00 each, but I had a lot of overage from the 2.00 dove coupons that it paid for that and for the bigger size deodorant. Matching manufacturer's coupons with Target ones is so fun! Also not in this picture is the couple packages of Rayovac batteries from the dollar spot (coupons on their facebook page).
My friend was fast enough to print the 3.00 Merona footwear coupon from and passed it on to me, and these fun flip flops were on clearance for 2.98! Who says Old Navy 1.00 flip flops are a good deal?! Free is much better. :)

This evening I went to Carr's to use my OYNO's that expired today and the self checks were all closed but the trash was yep, I dumpster dove and found a coupon for free Idahoan's. I love those for camping! I didn't dig too obviously, and actually cleaned up the place a bit in doing so.


Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

Can I have your luck please *laugh*. That's super mega impressive Beffy! Super coolness. I always love it when you can get deals like that and walk out the door paying nothing (or darn close to) for some cool stuff :).

RogersUIO said...

You are too funny! I'll get the baby buckled in while you dumpster dive -- haha! See you in 4 days!

Life in My Land said...

Great job. I dumpster dived myself today. I went by Carrs and picked up a few extra papers (for the Kraft inserts). I figured I'd recycle the papers and to my pleasure a bunch of Sunday papers from previous weeks were at the top ot the recycle dumpster. I'd never considered looking there fore local coupons. Nothing major but hey, I'll take what I can get. You've done awesome on the challenge and I love that you're showing all of us! Oh yeah, and you make beautiful cakes too.

BEFFY! said...

ohh...what a good idea! now everyone will see me d.d. in the carr's lot! haha! awesomeness!