Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 11

A month or so ago my husband was in Memphis and picked up a bag of Autry's hushpuppy mix and when he brought it home, I realized it had been out of date for over 5 months! Eeks! I wrote the the company, told them we live here and they sent two replacement bags via UPS! Nice!
I finally got my free turkey bacon coupon! I'm excited to try the stuff, I like turkey dogs, burgers and sausage, but have never tried the bacon.
Also in the mail was a coupon for up to 10.00 off a box of kitchen bags from GLAD. That was sent because of a problem we had with the drawstring ones.
My nice neighbor found some pampers codes for me at Fred's. Two actually, but only one made it to the pic!
We had a fun day playing outside and watching the construction guys working in our yard. Thursday is garden planting day and we are looking forward to that!
p.s. I forgot! I cashed in on my e-rewards for upromise, and transferred 50.00 to our daughters college fund! All for doing surveys in my free time!

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Life in My Land said...

Great job again. You are the queen of the coupon box at Freddies.