Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 4

1.)  It's 4pm.  I'm still in my jammies.  I do every once in a while get dressed up to go out, just not this week it seems!

2.)  I DID have my coffee and made this list-

 3.)  And then I piled EVERYTHING on our bed.  All the junk on the dressers, in the laundry baskets, under the bed...all of it went ON the bed!  I absolutely hate unpacking suitcases so that black suitcase is still packed from when we got home from Memphis two weeks ago!

But look!  After about an hour and a half of sorting, tossing, putting away, and laundry our bed now looks like this!
4.)  I won't show pictures of our bathroom, but it's nice and clean now too. 

I also finished my list except for cleaning out my coupon bag.  We cleaned up the upstairs living room, play room, and kitchen and got them swept and vacuumed.  I got a couple more things listed for sale, but didn't sell anything today yet.

It's only 4pm, so maybe after dinner I'll be able to attack those coupons and find a good deal or two to post!

1 comment:

RogersUIO said...

Whoa -- that's a way clean bed! If I were there, I'd pile it with clean laundry! Haha!