Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Earn Extra Money from Home

Since "retiring" from my job a couple years ago to become a stay at home mom, I've discovered a few ways to make a little extra income from home.  Nothing that will make you rich or even help cover bills, but rather have a little stash on Amazon or a few WalMart gift cards for groceries.
My first and foremost favorite way to earn is SWAGBUCKS.  I've been a member of swagbucks for about two years and have made $270 in Amazon gift cards!  You earn "bucks" by searching (think google or yahoo searches-it's similar to that) and doing surveys, watching videos, inviting friends, things like that.  The more you do, the more bucks you win and then more Amazon cards you can get.  It's quite fun!

My second favorite site is Daily Feats.  It's a motivational site that helps you make positive actions part of your daily life.  Sign up for challenges to earn points faster, motivating yourself to do good things, and earn gift cards!  I usually earn enough points for one $10 Safeway card each month which is the limit.  You could instead get one for Starbucks or Foot Locker among others.

Juicy Juice's Juicy Bunch offers monthly activities for members to participate in, opportunities to host parties, and a point earning system that is redeemable for Amazon, Target, and other e-gift cards.  You need to apply and be accepted to join this group.

Coffee Mate Brew Crew is generally the same with activities and sampling events and they offer the same gift cards as well as WalMart ones.  You need to apply and be accepted to join this group also.

The Nescafe Tasters is a group with activities and sampling events that focus on Nescafe Tasters Choice instant coffee.  They have a point system with gift cards as rewards.  You need to apply and be accepted to join this group also.

E-Rewards is a site I really enjoy because I can do surveys anytime and build up my "bank" and cash in for airline miles, Starbucks cards, or even U-promise college savings cash!  It's a great site if you enjoy surveys and hate junk mail because I've never gotten junk mail from them in the three years I've been a member!

And lastly e-Miles!  Alaska Airlines mileage is earned through viewing offers.  Accepting offers leads to more points.  I've had this membership for about a year and have redeemed 500 miles.  Not much, but I rarely do any offers.  They just added Groupon though so I may be earning more soon.

Hope this little list interests some of you!  Feel free to email or comment if you have any questions!

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