Monday, September 19, 2011

That Time of Year...Writing to Companies

Last week marked the six months since I last wrote to companies to compliment or express desire to try their products.  I don't usually ask outright for a coupon, but rather tell them a nice story about how we use their products or want to try them out.  Here's what came in my mail today!  I'm excited to write a few more and keep getting "fun" mail! 
Sorry the picture is fuzzy...I forgot to clean my camera lens after my daughter went around taking pictures the other day.

If you want to start writing a company or two a day there is a good list to follow HERE that has all the companies/items as well as clickable links to their contact forms.  Makes it go really fast!  Have fun!

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Life in My Land said...

Awesome and kind of funny because I have a few packages of items sitting next to my computer that I've been meaning to write companies about for a few weeks. Thanks for the kick in the pants.