Sunday, July 17, 2011

.25 Crest Toothpaste at Fred's this week! *EDIT*

I get excited about cheap toothpaste!

Last week at Fred's the catalina machine gave me a nice "head's up" advertisement that when you buy $6 of Crest toothpaste between 7/17-7/31 you'll save $2 on a future trip.  Sorry I can't add a picture of it, my pilot took the little camera with him on his trip this week!

Crest is on sale at Fred's this week 2/$3 and most of us should have either the .75 P&G coupon from last month and/or a bunch of the .75 coupons that have been in recent Crest toothpaste packages that have the little sample tube attached to the top.

Buy 4 for a total of $6 before coupons, use 4 of the .75 coupons if you have them, and pay $3 and get a $2 OYNO coupon making them .25 each!

****The packages that have the sample tube attached will NOT trigger the OYNO coupon.  There is a different barcode on it that doesn't work.  I took the four I bought to customer service and they returned them and then rang up the hidden barcode on the toothpaste and it printed just fine.  JUST FYI! :)


Life in My Land said...

I wonder why it didn't work for you. I bought four of the ones with the tubes and $10 in coupons and it did trigger the OYNO. That was on Monday. I didn't try it again though.

Life in My Land said...

Okay, I tried it again this morning and the catalina didn't print. These were different bonus tubes, the ones with $14 in savings rather than $10. I'll e-mail catalina corp. and they should send my $2. The printout said any Crest products.