Monday, April 11, 2011

Walmart Trip

We made a quick trip to Walmart today for a few freebies and my husband needed some stuff (oil and such) to work on the outboard motor.  I don't include that in the picture because this picture is just my coupon haul!

4 Purex 2-sheet packs were .08 each after 1.00 coupons I won from Jessica at Alaska's Best Grocery Deals!
3 Secret travel size deodorants were .08 each after 1.00 coupons from the P&G booklet earlier this year
1 Gain dish soap was .12 after 1.00 P&G coupon from same booklet
1 Renuzit air freshener was .12 after 1.00 printable from
2 FREE Wonka chocolate bars on clearance for 1.00, used 1.00 printables from (used my husbands laptop to print two more!)
1 Cascade 85 count box of dishwasher tabs FREE using a coupon Cascade/P&G sent me when I told them my dishwasher detergent woes and offered a suggestion on how to improve.  The coupon had no price cap and Walmart carried the largest size container in town.  Can you believe this stuff is 18.83 otherwise?!  Yikes.

So for .82 this is what was to be found at Walmart today!  None of my coupons beeped (not even the Cascade!) and they are all products I can use and share with my family.

Happy Couponing!


Life in My Land said...

Thanks for the Wal-Mart info. I've had a few bad experiences there so I'm reluctant to try many coupons unless it's a manufacturers free coupon or someone tells me it won't beep. Glad to hear their system is getting better. You did great, I'll have to try a few of these out myself next time I'm in there.

Coupon said...

wow love it! :)