Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Free Chocolate!

This time you don't have to wait for a sample to arrive!  There are $1.00 Wonka Exceptional Chocolate Bar coupons (manufacturers) on Target.com's coupons!  Print it twice and if your Walmart has the Doomed Dark flavor on clearance for $1.00 (Eagle River had lots!) then you get FREE chocolate bars!  The coupon doesn't beep either.

My sister will love me-she loves dark chocolate!


RogersUIO said...

Your sister will love you! ;) Can't help but smile at your calling it "doomed" dark flavor though!

BEFFY! said...

Haha! I totally thought it was DOOMED...it's Domed! How funny! I'm a dork. That's why ya love me. :)