Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mail Call!

Here's what the nice UPS man brought me today!  I won it playing Red Vines World of Sharing game (which is still going on) it takes a while to load, but once it does you just share a thought and it grows the vine and if you happen to grow it on the time of the next drawing for a win they send you a huge 5lb tub of Red Vines!  It's kinda cool in that you know what number your vine is and what number the winner is so technically you can share a bunch of times until you win!
It took a few weeks for them to email me and confirm my win just in case you win too!

Next came a check from The Clothesline Consignment shop in Anchorage.  I was really happy to get this one!  I took in a tote full of clothes (mostly my daughters that she outgrew and some brand name ones I found at Salvation Army) and three days later picked it back up and they had kept about 1/2 of what I dropped off.  Not too great which is why I was quite surprised to have sold enough to have a nice check mailed this soon!

My free sample of Vicoria's Secret perfume wasn't much more than what you get in a magazine, so I didn't bother taking a picture of it!

Hope your mail has been good!

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