Friday, March 11, 2011

Writing to Companies-Results are starting!

In my post about writing to companies I said I would let you know when the results started coming in the mail.  Today was a good first day!  Besides the coupons from Alouette (which are allowing for my first giveaway), I received (3) FREE bags of Kettle Chips coupons, (2) FREE Michelina's coupons, and (1) $1 off Kettle Chips coupon.    The FREE Kettle Chips have no max value!!!

I simply wrote to these companies through the contact form on their websites then complimented both on how much our family enjoys their products (they LOVE compliments and stories that go along with them).  In complete honesty we do love Kettle Chips and whenever Costco has a certain flavor we buy three bags at a time.  Their personalized note enclosed with the coupons said the next three were on them!

Can't wait for the mail tomorrow!  This was definitely worth the 6 mile round trip walk to the mailbox!  But there is NO WAY I'm doing that again tomorrow!!!

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Life in My Land said...

Awesome! I try writing a few companies a week and have had pretty sad results so far. Everyone thanks me for the comment and sends me like a .55/1 coupon. Your post inspired me to keep trying and to add more personal details.