Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mail Call-Oh my!

I'm almost a little embarrassed to show this...
 But I do want you to know that writing to companies works!!!  Over $50 in FREE grocery and household item coupons in the mail today!  Two were the result of real complaints about products, one was a suggestion to improve a product, and the rest were compliments. 

The "FREE" section of my binder is now filling up and I love that!


Jessica @ Alaska's Best Grocery Deals said...

Wow, you know I tried writing to companies when I first started couponing but I didn't come close to having the success that you are having! Very impressive!

Life in My Land said...

Awesome. I've had some luck, especially with smaller companies. The big companies thank me and sometimes send a .55/1 coupon or something ridiculously small. I'm inspired to keep ti up though my personal goal is about 3-5 companies a week.