Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm a ValPak Winner!

So you know those ValPak Coupons that come in your mail all the time (and never really have much good in them)?  There's sometimes a sweepstakes entry form in them, but I usually toss it out.  I decided to drop mine off the day before it was due while I was out running errands since it was still sitting on the console in my car.

Today in the mail I received a notification that I was a "ValPak Sweepstakes Winner" and attached was a $20 Arby's card.  There were 150 winners in the area so I was kind of excited I was one of them!

*Thanks again to Life in My Land for the reminder to drop the form off at Arby's


Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

I'm glad you won something :). I never even GOT my Val-Pak coupons so it made it easy for me not to do the contest. Hard to win something you can't enter huh *laugh*. Neat prize though. See, work on winning the 50,000.00 next ;).

Life in My Land said...

Yeah! Congrats. And I love your mile counter on the bottom of the blog.