Thursday, March 24, 2011

.37 Carrs Trip

Okay, so it was really $5.87 after coupons for all this...but I am submitting for a $3.00 rebate on the Red Baron pizza and I did get back a $2.50 catalina for buying three of the McCormick spices!

In my coupon binder I had-
$1/1 DanActive yogurt coupon (Fred's exchange basket) it was on markdown for $1.50
$1/1 Tropicana OJ coupon (Fred's exchange basket) it was also marked down to $2.65
3-$1/1 McCormick Spice coupons (eBay two days ago and got them already!) on sale for $2 each and get a catalina for $2.50 wyb three
$1.50 Freshetta coupon from the Fred's coupons I got in the mail today.  Stacked with the in-ad coupon for $4.49 Freshetta pizza. 
2 Free Toaster Strudel coupons from a sweepstakes late last year
1 Free Michelina's coupon for writing them a compliment letter a couple weeks ago

I used the $5 off frozen food coupon first and then all the other coupons.  So I did get a little overage from the frozen deal.   I just wish I had more room in the freezer! 


Life in My Land said...

Thanks for the Pizza rebate info. I've been so busy I hadn't seen that one. Definitely a good time to try it with the rebate. I'm kicking myself for not saving my Tony's free pizza coupon from last week but I had thought Carrs was done with the $5/$15. My bad. Great job! I'm headed to Carrs tonight to sell girl scout cookies and will be looking for frozen food deals.

BEFFY! said...

I thought they were done with it too! I used all my B1G1 Old Orchard juice coupons last week!
I haven't gotten my free Tony's coupon I won yet...hopefully soon before this sale is over!
Have fun selling cookies, I'll stop by if I'm in town this evening!

Alaskan Bargain Hunter said...

AGH!!! It's not over?!? I just used my B1G1 Old Orchard coupons at Carrs the other day and used other ones at...ugh. Darn them...they need to send us notifications on these things or something *laugh*.

Thanks for the heads up on the McCormick's deal. I'd read about it on Jessica's blog a week or so ago and then couldn't remember where it was at (because I am a scatter brain). I NEED some seasonings, so this comes at a good time. Hopefully Carrs has some in stock.